Financial advice

We will definitely look at how to promote your organization at a lower cost and offer financial advice.

Investment Plans

Emphasizing on how to invest in a sector that will be more profitable.


Safe and Secure

The security of your information is very important to us. You will be 100% safe and secure with us.

The organization is your responsibility to us

How to move your business / organization forward day by day, The thought that we can be introduced to everyone.


We provide almost all IT related services. Contact us to get any service.


SiCT is the best web design and development company in the Bangladesh.

Graphics Design

Your visual identity is one of the most important aspects of your brand.It sets your tone.

Animation Video

SiCT is the best Animation video creator in the Bangladesh.

SMS Marketing

SiCT’s SMS service will bring you maximum success in the fastest and most affordable way to promote your business!

Virtual Assistant

Use our service to take your company one step further!

Facebook Marketing

facebook is great platform for digital marketing


Different types of social pages

Facebook page setup

YouTube channel

Linkedin setup Etc.


SEO  it is a method by which an organization can be known all over the world or country using different internal parameters of different search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.


Your organization must have a Facebook page and website in the current would. Which will increase the promotion and expansion of the business. Get your organization’s web development done with us.


We provide almost all IT related services. Contact us to get any service.

Product Name: Business Pro
License Type:
6 Month, 1 Year, 3 Year, Lifetime
Price: 1990-9990 BDT
Version: 2.7.2

Details about software

  • WhatsApp Group Sender
  • Auto Group Joiner
  • Chat Button+Attachment
  • WhatsApp Auto Reply Bot
  • Grab WhatsApp Group


Product Name: Whatspro
License Type:
6 Month, 1 Year, Lifetime
Price: 1490-3990 BDT
Version: 19

Details about software

  • Generate Mobile Number
  • Number Filtering 
  • Chat Button+Attachment
  • WhatsApp Auto Reply Bot
  • Grab WhatsApp Group
  • Create Multiple Profile and use multiple whatsapp account


Product Name: Email Broadcast
License Type:  1 Year
Price: 2990 BDT
Version: 10

Details about software

  • Use own smtp or Personal Gmail
  • Text file import
  • Support html template
  • Change sender name
  • Success failure and pending status
  • Auto save setup campaign you can use another time 


Product Name: Invoice Software
License Type:  Lifetime
Price: 6990 BDT
Version: 3.23.8

Details about software

  • Stock control
  • Purchases module
  • Multiple tax rates
  • Set up multiple companies
  • Creating professional invoices with your own logo
  • Creating Quotes (Quotation) and Proforma Invoices and many more


Product Name: Linkedin Extream
License Type:  Lifetime
Price: 3990 BDT
Version: 10

Details about software

  • Search by Job title and Location
  • Keywords to include (optional)
  • Keywords to exclude (optional)
  • Very Fast Scrapping Email from Linkedin
  • Scrapping without Linkedin account
  • One time payment Lifetime use and many  more


We get the work done on time

You will get 100 percent match with our works. Get IT related work done in a timely manner at low cost. Which is very necessary for your business / organization.


Successful project

Regular client

Client meet

Our trademark process and workflow

We research every project before we take it. How to do work is good. How to stay on everyone's favorite list, etc. We accomplish a task in the designated way.

There are some strategies that we follow to make a project a success. Here are some tricks to follow to grow your business.

Project Research

One day before and after taking any project.

Structure Make

According to the research created a beautiful work structure.


The next step is design to make the project beautiful and attractive.


The latest work is given to the client by developing and checking the accuracy.