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Our organization started from 2017. Which started with a computer training center.

Short Description

SiCT is a fast growing Software Solutions Company in Bangladesh. We provide our clients with comprehensive IT solutions – from initial strategic planning and marketing decisions to the actual design, development and implementation of the project, as well as on going maintenance and upgrade enhancements every step of the way. Since we are Internet based, your geographical location is actually no barrier whats ever. We have consistently served diverse companies from across the globe, delivering results both in a cost effective and expedient manner.

We provide a quality software product developement, software solutions and services. Bulk SMS Software and Whatsapp Bulk Sender, Invoice Software, POS Software and Every related managment system software

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SiCT a flexible solutions partner that is equally adept at developing and managing the latest advanced technologies or legacy platforms. We deliver innovative IT solutions that help our customers drive business results, fast. Our full spectrum suite of services extends to Business Process Out sourcing and our Global Delivery Service enables us to provide compelling value and outstanding quality to our customers.

We provide a quality products Bulk SMS Software, Whatspro , Invoice Software , POS Software etc and software solutions and services.

Are you a small business or multi-national company, private person or government organization? Experience the elegance of the software development with SiCT. Contact us for your FREE project estimate!

Who we are

We always strive to be one step ahead in the world of IT with all IT related services.
Touch IT at the beginning of your business and in a very short time your business will be established Insha-Allah.

Why give us work?

We have skilled people working in different sectors.
Every work we do is done with the relevant skilled people so that the work is professional and interesting.

You will get good service from us at low cost.
Compare with others by accepting one of our services then give us permanent work.

What we do

We will do all kinds of IT related work for your organization/company.

The benefits that you will get from us.

IT sector is mandatory for every company / organization.
However, many companies do not keep their IT sector thinking about the cost or continue working.
This is why an organization cannot occupy their specific place in the market despite having time experience.


Our company is ready to work as your IT sector.

Without the touch of IT, your organization/company will come to a standstill.

So contact us today without delay.



After receiving our services your organization will move forward at rocket speeds.

The customer will grow

The monthly / annual target of the organization will be completed.

Sales will increase

Eventually your organization/company will be established.

Our History

Since 2017, we have been providing IT services with a reputation.

Get started today

Consider accepting a service from us.
We do professional and creative work at low cost.
Which is essential for your business.


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